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Why are we imposing sanctions? Comments on recent events.

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In the comments to my notes, I am asked why I ask questions and write. Maybe I don’t know the answers? I know the answers to the questions I ask. I want each of my readers to try to answer them on their own, so that they disconnect from the opinion imposed by the media. I supplement the facts that I know and give a small comment to help. Therefore, in my article, I will continue to ask a lot of questions.

About some events in the world that the media spends a lot of time on.

The United States imposed sanctions against Russia because of Alexei Navalny. Following this, the same thing was immediately done in the European Union. First I want to ask whether sanctions against Russia are necessary at all? I understand that the main task is to restrain the development of Russia. The goal of the United States is to restrain the development of any country in order to protect its leadership. They will also constrain the development of countries in Europe. As for Russia itself. In my opinion, if we did not impose sanctions against Russia, the economic and political damage would be stronger. With our sanctions, we forced Russia to develop those sectors of the economy in which they received restrictions due to sanctions. In Russia, agriculture has been developing very successfully in recent years. Russia ranked first in the world in terms of grain exports. This has not happened since 1913. In Russia, many new modern poultry farming complexes and many meat and dairy production facilities have been built. Russia has fully provided itself with these products, and the surplus also began to be exported. They refused to import many medicines and began to produce them themselves. And there are big changes in technical development. We did not want to sell them aircraft engines, so they developed them themselves and began to produce them and have already passed the first flight tests of aircraft with their own engines. They are developing very rapidly military equipment, which is now the best in the world and rearmament is very active, 60% has already been replaced with the latest generation of weapons. And the situation with the notorious vaccine. All we’ve heard before is that the Russians couldn’t invent a coronavirus vaccine faster than anyone else, and that it’s bad. And in Russia, three different vaccines have already passed all the tests. And a very good Sputnik V vaccine, we’ll soon recognize that. In the meantime, only our officials are engaged in empty talk and empty propaganda. In those countries where officials are smarter, there is already a Russian vaccine used.

So who do we make worse than Russia or our countries when we impose sanctions ???

We only cause them temporary inconvenience and push them to develop. And for example, take sanctions against certain officials and businessmen from Russia. They are laughed at in Russia. Previously, officials and corrupt officials from Russia brought their stolen and earned money from the Russian jurisdiction to the EU countries and a lot to England. Russian money went to Europe. And now? Businessmen are afraid to send money to Europe, as they may fall under sanctions and invest it in Russia. Sanctions on individual officials? You will see their positions and what opportunities they have. These are all rich and powerful people. We don’t hurt them. Previously, they liked to spend money on the most expensive European resorts, but now they rest in other places and spend a lot of time in Russia. Domestic tourism in Russia is actively developing. The country is huge and there are a lot of beautiful places. Previously, they were not developed territory, but now there is a rapid development.

So who does the sanctions make worse?  Meanwhile, Russian counter-sanctions in response to our sanctions have caused great damage to European agricultural producers.

European countries are constantly being intimidated by the Russian military threat. Let’s focus a little on this topic.

I want to ask whether this military threat is actually from Russia. I like to look at historical facts. For many centuries, European countries attacked Russia first. All European politicians were attracted by the riches of this country. This is the historical truth. The German crusaders attacked together with the Poles and were defeated on Lake Peipus by Russian troops under the leadership of Prince Alexander Nevsky. Russian Russian Russian army under the leadership of the Russian tsar Peter 1 attacked the Swedes and were defeated near Poltava. The Poles attacked and were defeated by the Russian militia. The Ottoman Empire attacked and its fleet was destroyed in the Black Sea by the Russian fleet under the command of Admiral Ushakov. Turkey attacked the Russian Crimea. In 1768, Turkey declared war on Russia. But after two disastrous defeats at Cahul and Chesma, she could not resist. The Russian army liberated Bulgaria from the Turkish invasion, Italy and Switzerland from the French under the command of Generalissimo Suvorov. Then Napoleon .Bonaparte, who quickly defeated the whole of Europe, invaded the territory of Russia and this war also ended in Paris. Once again, Russian troops liberated Europe from the tyrant Napoleon. But under his command were regiments from many European countries. In the First World War, Russia was again drawn into military operations. After the socialist revolution in 1917, Russia was again immediately attacked by the United States, Britain, Turkey and other countries. In advance, the press printed geographical maps of how Russia will be divided between the countries. In the mid-20th century, when World War II broke out, all of Europe quickly surrendered to Hitler, some countries in a week, some in a month. And together with Nazi Germany on Russia moved troops as Finnish, Romanian, Dutch division, Polish, Spanish , and Austrians, Hungarians, and others. A united Europe attacked the Soviet Union, not just the Germans.. On the Borodino field, near Moscow, Field Marshal von Kluge addressed the French legions with a speech, recalling how in the time of Napoleon, the French and Germans fought here side by side against a common enemy – Russia. The next day, the French went into battle, and were defeated. This short list of historical events is not complete. These are just the most important historical events that spontaneously occurred to me when I started writing this article. This is a very complex and separate topic for discussion and I am ready to reveal it in the future, if it is interesting to my readers. However, one more battle from the history of World War 2, I want to stop a little and explain why below. This is the battle for Leningrad. It was a terrible blockade that lasted 900 days and nights. This genocide involved not only fascists from Germany but also volunteers who served in the SS troops from civilized European countries. They looked through binoculars at the besieged Leningrad, looked at how in the city the corpses of people who died of starvation were being carried on sledges through all the streets. Just think of the 900 days and 900 nights of this horror. I mentioned this fact not only because the anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad from the siege was recently celebrated, but also so that you can think about the fact that the Russian people love their Homeland and why they could not win any war. If you ever go on an excursion to St. Petersburg, I advise you to visit the museums that are dedicated to the siege of Leningrad and you will understand a lot about this people.

Otto von Bismarck also warned against attacking Russia.
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was a participant in the events taking place during World War 2, wrote the following:
…No government could have resisted such terrible cruel wounds that Hitler inflicted on Russia. But the Soviets not only survived and recovered from these wounds, but also dealt the German army a blow of such power that no other army in the world could have dealt it.

Apart from the Soviet armies, there was no force that could break the back of the Hitlerite war machine…
It was the Russian army that let the guts out of the German war machine…

And US President Franklin Roosevelt wrote the following:
… From the point of view of grand strategy… it is difficult to escape from the obvious fact that the Russian armies destroy more enemy soldiers and weapons than all the other 25 states of the United Nations combined…

The Russians don’t attack first, but they almost always win. You need to be friends with the Russian and trade. European politicians themselves do not believe in the Russian threat, but for some reason they are engaged in empty conversations on this topic, intimidate their peoples with a possible Russian military threat. Why will Europe never defend its land as the Russians do? The concept of the Motherland is being erased. Everything needs reasonable sufficiency, and we in Europe do not remember the historical roots, folk traditions are forgotten, and non-traditional values are flourishing. Soon we will stop having children altogether. We are trying to solve demographic problems with the help of migrants. Do you really think that such a population will have an attachment to European roots? Do you really think that a country where even half of the population is recent migrants will be able to protect their country?

Now, in the course of reasoning, another topic came to mind, which can be discussed in the future. What do we know about the Russians? We are taught that in this country only vodka, balalaika and bears are used, and the Russians are uneducated savages. But in fact, the Russians have one of the richest cultures. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Mendeleev, the great Russian writers, composers, scientists are no less than in the history of Europe and we know them little. Meanwhile, Russians are very familiar with European culture and love it. There is no Russian who does not read the works of father and son Dumas, Balzac, Shakespeare and others. Children played Musketeers as children, and on the bookshelves in Russian apartments there are collections of works by the best European writers. Similarly, Russians are well acquainted with composers from Europe . Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss, and others, learn their works by ear, because they are taught not only in music schools, but also are briefly familiar from high school lessons. So it is with painting. In every school classroom, there are portraits of world scientists who have made great discoveries. Russian Russians know a lot more about us than we do about the Russians, but the conclusion must be made that the Russians know a lot more about us than we do about the Russians. And this is an interesting topic for discussion in my opinion. This state of affairs in education may have great geopolitical consequences in the future.

I got carried away, so I suggest we discuss just one or two more news items.
The United States announced that under the new strategy, it no longer plans to establish democracies in other countries by military means. Do you believe? I do not believe the basis of the US economy is the military-industrial complex, and without military action will not do. There have already been bomb attacks on Syria. In recent years, the United States often has words at odds with deeds.

Charles Michel paid a visit to Ukraine and at the end of the visit made a statement that Russia is a party to the conflict, and not a mediator. When you discuss the statements of European politicians, you can’t do without Russia. I have already devoted a lot of time to Russia and it is a pity that it is not possible to talk about other topics today. I want to note, as I have already said, all this is an escalation of tension. Very sorry. The Minsk Agreements are a small document that is not difficult to read and will not take much time. If even such leaders as Charles Michel are not able to spend 20 minutes of time on this, then you can not scold officials at a lower level. Absolute ignorance of officials. It would be better to deal with the problems of the pandemic and other internal affairs. Otherwise, they can’t do anything anywhere. The document, which is called the Minsk Agreements, clearly states that Germany, France and Russia are the guarantors of its implementation. The three parties put their signatures as guarantors of execution. And the main agreement was signed by two warring parties, Ukraine and the unrecognized republics represented by their leaders. If Russia is to blame, then the other guarantors, France and Germany, are also to blame.

The United States and Europe brought democracy to Ukraine in 2014. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the richest country in the former USSR. It developed medicine, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, space industry, automobile industry…. Economic growth, if I remember correctly, was 12%. The economy could be compared to that of a country like Germany. Today it is the poorest country in Europe and the main decline occurred over the past 6 years, after the revolution of dignity and the establishment of democracy. Industry is destroyed, the people are impoverished, Ukraine has lost territories, the population has greatly decreased and there is a war on Dombasa, whose residents did not want to live in such conditions. I also want to note an important fact. This is the fact that the political leadership supports pro-fascist organizations. Stepan Bandera, the fascist punisher and others became heroes. Streets are named after them. Banditry is rampant in the country. Now all the rights of citizens are being violated, and media outlets that are objectionable to the authorities are being closed without trial and investigation. You can’t list all the violations, but all this suits the United States and our officials in Europe. There is the same devastation as in all countries where the United States has established freedom and democracy. First there were Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. These days, the people of Armenia took to the streets of Yerevan to express their dissatisfaction with the protege of democracy.
Why spend so much money to prevent people from deciding for themselves under which government they should live. Probably to rob the country. They invest money, and after the coup, they must collect the dividends.

I ask my readers to excuse me for being able to discuss the news with you in a timely manner. This is not my main occupation, I write for you as far as possible.
Sorry for the bad English. You must write in English. I don’t know this language well, so I sometimes have to use Google translator to express my thoughts.


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