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Volunteers against coronavirus

Charitable, non-profit organization promotes the development of a fair social society

MERIDIAN center thanks all the volunteers who help fight the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

Quarantine provokes economic problems and creates difficulties for individuals who find themselves in forced isolation. When citizens of different countries began to self- isolate EN masse, many self-organized volunteer groups appeared. Volunteers deliver medicine and food, leaving purchases at the doors of those who are ill or quarantined. Treat public transport, entrances and other public areas with disinfection means.

Their work is mainly focused on pensioners who , due to the increased risk of Contracting the virus , have decided not to leave their homes. Many of them are afraid that they will not be able to meet their relatives until the vaccine is available. Volunteers buy medicines and basic necessities. I walk Pets , those people who are infected with coronavirus and those who did not have time to return home because of closed borders. We would like to thank the students of medical schools who have become volunteers to help people. Medical volunteers are the most prepared to communicate with infected people. These volunteers can provide more competent psychological assistance to those who are in quarantine , as well as advice on first aid. Volunteer headquarters are being opened in different countries, and call centers have started to work for people’s consultations and psychological assistance to infected people and people who are in self-isolation. Now even those people who have suffered from the disease and recovered need psychological help. Governments of different countries and large companies allocate money for the development of vaccines and the construction of hospitals. But each of us can also make a contribution to the common struggle.

Everyone can also become a volunteer or provide financial assistance by making a donation. The collected funds are necessary in order to first of all provide volunteers with means of protection, as well as to organize the work of call centers.


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