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Watch documentaries about the peoples of the world and their culture, documentaries about disappearing peoples and rare tribes and nationalities.

 5 mysterious uncontacted tribes that hid from the outside world, including video and photos of some who remain unknown to modern science.


Indigenous people from around the world are in the northern Australian city of Darwin for the inaugural meeting of the World Indigenous Network. The conference’s focus is on how traditional owners can best manage their land. But pushing for greater political recognition is also on the agenda, not least for the hosts. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Litchfield National Park near Darwin.

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The Most Dangerous Uncontacted Tribes in The World

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 Rare and non- contact tribes disappear on Earth. We are losing a rare and unique culture. The beauty of the Earth is in its diversity. These peoples do not claim to take your place in the modern world. They just want to live in a familiar and traditional environment. But civilization doesn’t give them a chance. MERIDIAN center encourages You to give people a chance to live according to their own laws and traditions. They don’t want democracy or reservations, and they certainly don ‘t want to be zoo animals. We will help them survive and preserve their uniqueness.

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