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Public offer

Charitable, non-profit organization promotes the development of a fair social society

to conclude a contract
about voluntary charitable donations

Het CENTRUM VAN ETNISCH-CULTURELE MINDERHEDEN MERIDIAN VZW, represented by Aliaksandr Patsemkin, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the “Beneficiary”, publishes this agreement, which is a public contract-offer (offer) and offers an indefinite number of persons (individuals and legal entities), hereinafter referred to as the “benefactor”, to conclude an agreement on a voluntary charitable donation on the following terms:
1. Under this agreement, the benefactor transfers funds (charitable donations) to the Recipient for charitable purposes, including the purposes specified in the MERIDIAN VZW programs on THE Meridian center’s website, free of charge –
2. The Philanthropist’s participation in charitable activities is aimed at supporting the charitable activities of the MERIDIAN center, at developing charitable activities in the world, in the interests of society as a whole and for the benefit of humanity.
3. The charitable donation is used by the MERIDIAN center for General useful purposes, as well as in accordance with the goals stipulated by THE Meridian VZW Charter . The recipient publishes information about their work, goals and objectives, events and results on the official information portal of the MERIDIAN center – and/or in other open sources.
4. The full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance of the offer) of this offer is when the Benefactor transfers funds (charitable donations) to THE Meridian VZW account
5. Acceptance of this offer by the Benefactor means that the benefactor has read and fully agrees with all the terms and conditions of this offer, and is equivalent to entering into a voluntary charitable donation agreement.
6. By accepting the terms of this offer, the benefactor confirms the voluntary and gratuitous nature of the charitable donation.
7. The moment of conclusion of the agreement and its entry into force is the moment when the funds transferred by the Benefactor as a charitable donation are received on the current account of the Beneficiary.
8. The amount of money donated by the Benefactor (charitable donation) is determined by the Benefactor independently and unilaterally at its discretion and without the consent of the Recipient.
9. The benefactor transfers the charitable donation to the Beneficiary specified in clause 1 of this agreement voluntarily and unselfishly.
10. The benefactor gives permission to process and store his / her personal data, which is used by the Beneficiary exclusively for the execution of the specified agreement. MERIDIAN VZW undertakes not to disclose the personal and contact information of the Benefactor to third parties without their written consent.
11. Het CENTRUM VAN ETNISCH-CULTURELE MINDERHEDEN MERIDIAN VZW accepts the charitable donation with gratitude.
12. This agreement is made in a single copy and published by MERIDIAN VZW on the website as a public offer. This offer comes into force from the moment of publication on the site and is valid indefinitely.
13. Payment details
ING Bank
BE60 3630 6696 2170