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Project WEBGD

Charitable, non-profit organization promotes the development of a fair social society

The MERIDIAN centre is launching a new project on creation of the World Electronic Bank (E-Bank) of Good Deeds. (WEBGD)

The main objective of the project is registration and promotion of all socially active citizens involved in charity work, volunteers, activists and all the people who do good deeds in various socially significant areas, as well as organizations and corporations that provide charitable assistance.

This is a social online service for registration, recognition, propaganda and remuneration for committed Good Deeds for the society and the state.

Who can be a participant of the project:

-volunteers of social projects

– benefactors

– activists and propagandists of movements supporting socially just society

– companies with social compliance programs

– organizations that make donations or provide their products to assist the needy and to encourage the participants of the project.

The MERIDIAN centre is planning to issue MERIDIAN tokens (MRD) which will be used to encourage the participants of our project and on this basis the social top list of all the participants will be built. The more MERIDIAN tokens a citizen or an organization has in its portfolio, the higher the rating of their social activity will be.

To different extents, all the  people on the Earth will become the members of our project. Not only those who do good deeds but also those who report about them will become the project participants. If you are an onlooker of good deeds and you liked them you will be able to tell about them individually on the page of our Electronic Bank (E-Bank) or on our pages on social networks or through the editors of the MERIDIAN centre and, if there is a desire, to rate them buying MRD tokens for Good Deeds doers.

Their MRD tokens the project participants will be able to exchange among themselves (in this case redistribution of MRD tokens and changes in the rating will be done) or exchange tokens for discounts and products of our project partners or money and it will be a  reward for committed Good Deeds. With the help of the online service the top list of social activity of different levels officials, public institutions, social services and socially active citizens will be built. Officials will have to pay more attention to social issues, because the results of their activity will be evaluated in the World Wide Web, and will be within reach of the interested public and even officially rewarded. Voting turnout will increase and the importance of public-opinion polls will be on the rise as well. In the case of MRD tokens materialization the gained rating will not be affected. The system of rewarding socially useful deeds and donations through MRD tokens is being developed. According to this system each deed will be evaluated with a number of MRD tokens depending on the effort made to its implementation.

Additionally the activity of a participant will be evaluated over a certain period of time. Benefactors will also receive a certain amount of MRD for every euro they donate. Additional compensation for extraordinary (special) Good Deeds and for long period active participation in the implementation of social programs will be decided by all the project participants through publications and general voting online. All those who will assist in the organization of the project will receive MRD tokens reward.

When the project is ready and the World Electronic Bank(E-Bank) of  Good Deeds is established socially active citizens and organizations will receive the following benefits and incentives:

– financial reward in the form of MERIDIAN tokens, discounts for products or money reward from the organizers and the partners of the project.

– Information encouragement. People who participate in the rating of Good Deeds will be able to share their success not without evidence but rightly, to tell their friends and acquaintances about their Good Deeds through social networking websites. And our centre will tell about these people using the mass media and the Internet. The enterprises and organizations that participate in our project will receive additional advertising.

– Social reward. The participants of the Good Deeds project will be able to exchange goods and services, become acquainted inside the “club”, and  become participants of experience exchange programs between charitable organizations  from different countries.


After creation of the World Electronic Bank of Good Deeds, the MERIDIAN centre is planning to involve a large number of new people in the volunteer movement and enhance the activity of citizens in social projects. The project implementation will allow to turn from aggressive energy to creative one and change attention from conflict areas of life (politics, religion, etc.) to improvement of everyday life, to peaceful transition to the socially just society. The project on creation of our online service will bring together socially active people who want to invest their work for the benefit of the society and those who are able to encourage, one project will unite people from different social groups.

Financially supported Good Deeds motivate pragmatic-minded citizens to the participation in volunteer activities creating an Union in which all Good Deeds done to the benefit of the society and the state are rewarded, where there is a motivation to increase the ranking and support it financially. The results of each participant will be stored in the online service and be within reach of the interested public.

Our World Electronic Bank (E-Bank) of Good Deeds is a system in which personal social and economic success of every participant depends on the number of socially beneficial Good Deeds which he has done for the society and the state and their social impact.

For the project implementation the MERIDIAN centre invites all those who are interested in the development of this project to make a donation. The funds will be spent on the creation of the online services listed above (software), mobile applications, issue of MERIDIAN tokens, servers purchase, promotion of the project in the mass media and on the Internet  and for creation the departments necessary for operation, PR marketing.

The main partners of the project:


– Enterprises

– Banks

– Payment systems


– Ministries of the domestic policy

– Social services

– Heads of districts, towns and cities


– Volunteers

– Funds

– Non-profit organizations

The outcome of the project will be in the creation in the information space and public life of a new system of achieving personal success through the Deeds useful for the government and the society, their accounting and advertising.

The final goal is to achieve harmony between entrepreneurs and socially responsible citizens and the government.


– transition of social remonstrative energy to the positive one

– increase in the social capital

– increase in voting turnout

– export of social technologies

– transformation of lazy patriotism into actionable one

– introduction of the ideology of citizens social activity  of citizens and its promotion

– formation of social responsibility of social elite

– increase in  the activity of social services and officials’ work by evaluating their Good Deeds by the population.

The MERIDIAN centre has claimed the awards for those who make donations. The Golden Diploma and the Figurine will be awarded to those who will make a donation in the amount of 12,000 Euros. Those who will donate more than 8,000 Euros will be awarded with the Silver Diploma and the Bronze Diploma will go to the benefactors who will make donations in the amount of 5,000 Euros. The Diploma of the MERIDIAN centre is an official recognition of merits in the development of social programs. The Diploma placed on your site will tell everyone that you are engaged in active social activities and contribute to the development of the programs aimed at creating the socially just society. Active link with a picture of the Figurines will show your social status. The Meridian centre will advertise your merits to the community and tell them about your charity work. Together we are changing the world for the better.


The MERIDIAN centre has begun issuing payment cards. First and foremost they are the cards for the project participants who have got MERIDIAN tokens and don’t have a digital wallet where they can get them. The MERIDIAN card is a digital wallet and a payment instrument. If you get MERIDIAN tokens we will send you the card by mail. The card works on Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and is the official Bitcoin wallet. After receiving the card you can activate it through e-mail. Money is kept on bitcoin web platform and the access is gained only through your personal password. When you log in to your personal account to activate the card, you will automatically get the digital wallet.

The Wallet of the MERIDIAN card contains several currencies:

– bitcoin (BTC)

– ethereum (ETH)

– MERIDIAN tokens (MRD)

– other tokens compatible with the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard.

Built-in brokers’ board. Any currency can be momentary changed for any other at the minimal rate.

Online banking is available in a browser and a phone.

Instant transfers to any destination in the world.

No fee for the  card maintenance.

Very easy to work with the card. Using the card you will be able to accept payments and make payments.

Your account can’t be blocked. Because the bitcoin network works like the torrent system and it cannot be stopped.

At first the MERIDIAN cards will be issued to those who will make a donation. To obtain the card you will have to  make a donation for the MERIDIAN centre programs in the amount of not less than 150 Euros. The card will be mailed to you. You will have 150 MRD tokens on the card. If the donation is more the number of MERIDIAN tokens will be more. In future your Meridian tokens will help to take a place in the ranking of social activity.

To get the card please write to e-mail address, inform us about your address and attach the proof of the payment.

All funds raised will be used for the development of the project on creation of the Bank of Good Deeds  (online service of  citizens services to the society and the government).

Accumulation and implementation of social capital

Everyone knows that the unclaimed and unrealized social capital accumulated in modern society is estimated by experts at many trillions of dollars. For the first time, the concept of “Social capital” was introduced by Pierre Bourdieu in 1980 to refer to social connections that can act as a resource for obtaining benefits. In today’s society and economy, social capital is particularly relevant. It is formed from the desire of people to take the initiative, do good deeds, help each other, negotiate and make efforts for this purpose. By agreeing, people create new forms of interaction and thereby increase their social capital. Interaction within the framework of our project to create a world Electronic Bank of Good Deeds will allow all project participants to accumulate social capital, which will make it possible to meet social needs and use it to improve living conditions and life in society as a whole.
Social capital is real resources provided by connections within the community and we are now creating such a community of people and organizations. In OUR community, social and personal benefits are achieved by increasing social capital, performing good deeds that are useful to society and the state, interacting with people from different social strata, expanding interaction between volunteers and philanthropists, voters and deputies, citizens and authorities, managers and their employees.
In today’s society, the accumulated social liability must be turned into an asset, an investment in the development of society, and the results of this transformation will be reflected in our online service. The number of tokens that you have earned by your actions will clearly reflect the place of a person or organization in social society.

The social capital accumulated by a person is not only useful to society, but also brings personal benefits:
– accumulated large social capital gives wider access to more complete and reliable information on labor markets
– earned social capital affects management’s decision-making, as your opinion and your qualifications begin to be more significant in the eyes of the community and management.
– promotes promotion, career growth, as the employer understands that past the usual experience and knowledge, a person has additional opportunities.
– social connections strengthen and accelerate the process of adaptation of a new employee in the team, thanks to trust within the community, common Affairs and interests.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that our project to create a WEBDD has a huge potential and will be useful both to an individual or enterprise and to society as a whole. We ask all people to support the MERIDIAN center project with advice, recommendations, and suggestions. Your comments are necessary to create a better and more efficient system. E-mail address e-mail Address to philanthropists and investors