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Pesticides that we take in food

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Pesticides are chemicals that are used mainly in industrial agriculture, as means against insect pests, as well as as growth activators for plants. Unfortunately, pesticides in modern agriculture are used in very large volumes. Many pesticides are dangerous to health and have carcinogenic properties. About a third of all pesticides that exist in the world and are allowed to be used in agriculture are drugs that have carcinogenic properties and they are very dangerous to human health. Products that are highly susceptible to contamination with pesticides include, first of all, products of plant origin (vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals). This is due to the fact that, unlike animal products, plant products are directly processed with pesticides, which under certain circumstances can be stored until the consumer purchases the product and can lead to poisoning. That is why one of the main requirements for obtaining a certificate for new pesticides is the requirement for its rapid decomposition in the environment. The toxicity of pesticides has a strong resistance in the environment. Remember the infamous DDT story. This one of the first pesticides has such a stable state that its content was found even in the liver of penguins in the Arctic.

In addition, it is very important to understand that when new types of pesticides are introduced into production, it is impossible to predict their impact on the human body over a long time and on the next generations of people. In cases of pesticide poisoning, the effects vary greatly depending on the specific pesticide. Often there are signs such as: weakness, anxiety, agitation, convulsions, dyspeptic disorders, numbness of the limbs, paralysis and other symptoms. Undoubtedly, the accumulation of pesticides in the body leads to mutations in the human body.

Why do pesticides continue to be used in agriculture with such harm?
First of all, this is of course the pursuit of additional profit, because the crop is better preserved and grows better. Interestingly, according to our observations, large farmers for themselves and their families grow crops separately and without the use of pesticides. Pesticides are for growing large crops for sale to an outside consumer.
On a global scale, the need to use pesticides is justified by the need to preserve the human population. It is believed that if you eliminate pesticides, then other species will eat and destroy the crops that people grow for themselves. We would like to note that pesticides appeared only in the middle of the 20th century and until that moment there were enough products for mankind. The population was smaller? Yes, indeed, the population was smaller, but the area occupied for crops was also smaller, and the first pesticides destroyed a huge number of people. In addition, the population is growing rapidly in regions where food from traditional markets is almost non-existent. Civilized countries consume more than 70% of their agricultural products.

Modern technologies allow us to invent and produce new types of agricultural products. For example, the drug “POWER SILICON mineral Complex” produced by Vector is a new technology in agriculture. The effect of the fertilizer “POWER SILICON” is based on the wonderful properties of silicon and its positive effect on all living organisms on Earth and on plants, including. “POWER SILICON” is a nanopowder consisting of bioactive silicon nanoparticles in combination with other microelements necessary for plant development. The silicon in the preparation is in its pure form, in a free non-bound form without any chemical compounds, and therefore the drug “POWER SILICON” is an environmentally friendly product. POWER SILICON fertilizer does not contain any pesticides, nitrates, or GMOs. At the same time, it protects plants from adverse climatic anomalies and significantly increases crop productivity. It is important that the vector company also offers the opportunity to buy fertilizer “POWER SILICON” online at retail through an online store. This helps people who grow their own crops on their own land to use a good, safe and effective fertilizer.
Company “Vector” is not the only one that is developing a new fertilizer. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to introduce a new drug to the agricultural market. This is the business of major chemical concerns. The trend towards consolidation of agricultural holdings also makes it difficult to introduce safe fertilizers, since they are closely linked by economic ties with chemical producers.
And what could be more important than the health of the nation and the future of our children?

ON the territory of the European Union, the Meridian charity center helps young farmers to experience the “POWER SILICON”. The Foundation within the framework of the “Healthy food” program helps to purchase a new fertilizer “POWER SILICON” free of charge”

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