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Politics is impossible without a conspiracy. Coronavirus and the global crisis.

Let’s start with statistics on the spread of coronavirus on 19.03.2020 (morning) Confirmed cases of infection – 218041 (+23390), died from the disease 8901 (+1019), recovered – 83575 (+2473). The virus is spreading all over the world. Of course, this is a dangerous disease, no one disputes this. The virus must be fought, but it…
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Volunteers against coronavirus

MERIDIAN center thanks all the volunteers who help fight the spread of a new type of coronavirus. Quarantine provokes economic problems and creates difficulties for individuals who find themselves in forced isolation. When citizens of different countries began to self- isolate EN masse, many self-organized volunteer groups appeared. Volunteers deliver medicine and food, leaving purchases at…
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New coronavirus and other deadly diseases. Statistics 14.03.2020.

Statistics on the spread of coronavirus today 14 March 2020: Number of infected : 132199 (+7395 since yesterday) Number of seriously ill : 7365 (0 since yesterday) Number of cured : 68595 (+1662 since yesterday) Number of deaths : 4946 (+358 since yesterday) The death rate from coronavirus is about 2% Marburg – 80%, Ebola…
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There will be no ecological disaster without consequences.

The number of natural disasters is constantly growing. Humanity is currently approaching the forbidden red line and is going to cross this line, which is already facing the extinction of all life on Earth. On New year’s day, there was a major sandstorm in Australia, and this region has never had one. The consequences of…
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CORONOVIRUS Statistics by country as of 11.03.2020

Coronavirus statistics as of 11.03.2020 number of infections : 119,027 (+5,288 new cases per day) ; number of deaths : 4,284 (+268 new cases per day) ; number of recoveries : 65,761 (+2,098 per day); All countries where coronavirus 2020 has been detected (108 countries) Statistics (number) of infected people by country. Country (City)   …
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Coronavirus. Panic and reality

Statistics of coronavirus disease on 09.03.2020 (morning): – number of infections: 110,034 (+4,008 new cases per day) ; – number of deaths: 3656 (+64 new cases per day) ; – number of recoveries: 60,660 (+738 per day); The number of cases and deaths from the new coronavirus is growing every day. This is a sad…
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A new wave of refugees is attacking Greece.

Turkey is unleashing a new flood of illegal migrants on the European Union, opening the borders to all 3.7 million refugees in the country: thousands of people are already storming border posts and fences with barbed wire in search of a better life. Greece and Bulgaria are already pulling additional forces to the borders, but…
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Ecology and how to protect it . What’s dangerous about Greta Thunberg?

It is considered that the causes of climate change and global warming are emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that cause the greenhouse effect.  Limiting such emissions is one of the main challenges facing humanity. This is true, but it is not the whole truth. We do not claim that this problem should not…
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Russia is a multinational state.

Future amendments to the Constitution are being discussed in Russia. The discussion is popular , with more than 1,000 proposals from Russian citizens, and this shows the level of democracy in this country, which can be envied by other countries that call themselves democratic. We are not much interested in the fact of changing the…
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