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Let no one get it.

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With restaurants, hotels, and schools closed, many of the country’s largest farms are throwing away thousands of gallons of milk, breaking millions of eggs, and plowing acres of fresh vegetables that they can no longer sell. A terrible pandemic of food waste!  Coronavirus has made a large overproduction of products in the economies of large countries.

The country’s largest dairy cooperative, dairy farmers of America, estimates that farmers throw away up to 3.7 million gallons of milk every day. One chicken producer breaks 750,000 eggs every week. This list can go on for a long time. Some producers donate unclaimed crops to food banks and to social programs that provide for those in need. Charitable organizations have limited opportunities to accept and store perishable products. Why are States not participating in this work? In many countries, people are starving. There is nothing for people to eat in countries destroyed by war. In many countries, money is planned in the budgets for humanitarian assistance. Previously, we bought and sent this aid to countries where they need it. When the pandemic is over, they will do the same, that is, they will buy from you. Currently, food and basic necessities can be borrowed for free from farmers and businesses and spent only on transport. Why can’t I organize it? Why can’t I reallocate the funds planned for the purchase of goods? Especially now, during the pandemic, many people have the greatest difficulties.Everything is so irrational. It is not profitable for politicians to provide assistance now, the right time is needed. You need a moment when you can do PR. And without benefits, no one wants to take even one step to help people. This note is written so that if some politician reads it, he will understand that there is an opportunity to do a good deed with less costs and help those in need, to help people who are dying of hunger in some distant country, at a time when millions of tons of products are being disposed of on our continent.

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