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Ecology. People are just choking on their own waste.There is no hope for governments. We’ll help ourselves.

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Especially beautiful is the planet Earth in photos from space. Unfortunately, the number of burning landfills is growing, poisoned air and soil, the number of dirty reservoirs is increasing, whole Islands of garbage in the world’s oceans and this list can go on for a long time. What to say about the Earth, if a Person can even pollute near-earth space, it’s no secret that the amount of space debris in near-earth orbit is constantly growing. The planet is suffocating from an overabundance of garbage. Under the pretext that scientific and technological progress cannot be stopped, transnational corporations continue to pursue a policy of increasing the number of landfills on Earth, where they bury and burn harmful, toxic waste from their production facilities.

Our MERIDIAN Foundation is concerned about the current situation with the environment on Earth and therefore implements a number of environmental programs, such as” CLEAN CITY”,” CLEAN WATER”,” CLEAN PRODUCTS”, participates in the elimination of the consequences of man-made disasters and encourages citizens of all countries to actively help in this work.

All the activities of large global corporations pollute the world deliberately and this situation fits into the existing world order. A small group of the world’s wealthiest people are not interested in solving environmental problems, they are only interested in money, and therefore they are talking empty talk about overpopulation of the planet and continue to turn entire countries into landfills. Who can tell me how much money they need? Isn’t it enough? And can’t we spend half of it on living in a clean world?
Plastic bottles and corks, used disposable tableware, lighters, packaging from various global industries and much more-this is the basis of modern garbage and such garbage does not decompose and does not fertilize the earth. Rivers carry garbage to the seas and oceans, and there, under the influence of eddy water flows, currents, garbage is compacted and collected in certain places. Today, not only the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are polluted, but even the Mediterranean sea, where a floating island of garbage was recently discovered. People, where will you go on vacation in the future? Where will the fish catch take place in 15-20 years, which we love so much. In addition to the fact that entire species of commercial fish are disappearing, even the fish that we catch today for food accumulates poisons and chemicals. In the United States alone, 2 million plastic bottles are used every 5 minutes, and as a result, you can watch on the Internet on the coast of Hawaii and California. On average, every person on Earth produces 1 kg of garbage per day. Arithmetic is not difficult, you can calculate how much garbage is produced on the planet in just 1 day, 1 year or a decade. The indicator is average, the higher the standard of living, the more garbage a person produces in this country. The highest rates in the US are in the EU. These countries produce 80% of the world’s waste. I have a question: does it mean that these countries should introduce effective recycling environmental technologies? The paradox is that these countries have these technologies, but they do not want to do it at the necessary level. This work is feasible for large corporations that have both the technology and the means to implement it. We also help those businesses that are concerned about this problem but do not have the financial ability to use expensive technologies, despite the desire. Many small businesses produce useful things for people from tires and other waste that they recycle, but this is not common for giant manufacturers.
The air we breathe is so dirty that doctors have already begun to hide the number of patients with lung cancer, all residents of megacities have lungs covered with micro-tumors that grow into malignant ones over time. Scientists estimate that half of sudden deaths are the result of environmental pollution. One passenger car emits more than a ton of carbon dioxide a year, which contains 280 harmful substances. Over the past decades, the world’s freshwater reserves per 1 person have decreased by 60%.

The reserve of land suitable for agricultural use is 2.5 billion hectares, but it is reduced by 6-7 million hectares each year. The amount of vitamins in vegetables and fruits has decreased by 70% over the past 100 years due to the use of pesticides and GMOs. For these reasons, our MERIDIAN Foundation supports small businesses such as VECTOR that develop and produce innovative and ecological fertilizers “POWER SILICON” for agriculture, which not only increase the yield and improve the quality of vegetables and fruits, but also contribute to soil restoration.

Unlike animals, people with great persistence kill their own kind in a sophisticated slow way, using poisoning and pollution of the environment in which they live. If we do not draw the attention of the entire public to this, every person will not help, then humanity will die from a war that scares the politicians of its citizens, and humanity will suffocate from its waste.

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