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Coronavirus. Panic and reality

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Statistics of coronavirus disease on 09.03.2020 (morning):
– number of infections: 110,034 (+4,008 new cases per day) ;
– number of deaths: 3656 (+64 new cases per day) ;
– number of recoveries: 60,660 (+738 per day);

The number of cases and deaths from the new coronavirus is growing every day. This is a sad reality, but not a reason to panic. There are many diseases that have been studied for a long time, and vaccines that have been developed for a long time, and people continue to die from these diseases today, but no one is sounding the alarm about it.

Seasonal flu causes global deaths of about 650,000 people a year. “These figures show the heavy burden of influenza and its serious socio-economic consequences for the entire world,” said Dr. Peter Salama, Executive Director of the world health organization’s health emergencies program. “They convince us of the importance of preventing seasonal flu epidemics, as well as ensuring preparedness for pandemics .”
Only children under five years of age die from pneumonia, including about a million a year, i.e. one death every 30 seconds. Pneumonia remains the most serious disease that kills children under five years of age worldwide, claiming the lives of more than one million girls and boys each year. And all the pneumonia in a year takes the lives of about 7,000,000 people.
Thus, flu and pneumonia kill a total of more than 7.5 million people.

That’s almost 21,000 people a day worldwide! Compare with the coronavirus!

Measles several times more it has the ability to infect than the coronavirus. Why is there no panic about other contagious diseases? Today, many bad people and companies make money from coronavirus panic. The shortage of masks in pharmacies and rising prices for them are the smallest speculations. But masks do not protect against coronavirus. Masks should be worn by people who are already sick, so that when patients sneeze and cough, they do not spread the infection to people who are near them . Now the most unthinkable products are being sold, which are advertised as help from the coronavirus. And this is also a minor prank. Countries are waging an economic war with each other, using the situation around the coronavirus. For example, calls not to buy goods from China have nothing to do with the spread of infection. Instead of uniting to fight the epidemic in a separate area at the very beginning and jointly localize the disease, politicians used the situation to their advantage. Now that the disease has spread to many countries around the world, politicians in these countries have begun to allocate large amounts of money to fight the epidemic.

There won’t be any coronavirus vaccine any time soon, and there’s nothing to make so much noise about it if it’s being developed and tested on animals for a year, and then there will be tests on volunteers. Scientists are working, and this is good. But this is not so important in today’s situation. The epidemic in China will end in a couple of months, respectively, and the foci that are spoken of in other countries will pass. Coronavirus will be remembered in statistics along with other diseases that suddenly appeared in the 21st century. In the future, without panic, people will sometimes get sick with this disease and even die, despite the fact that the vaccine will already be available and only because people will never be vaccinated at all and follow hygiene, so the person is settled. And we will be waiting for the next new virus, which will undoubtedly appear in the foreseeable future. Countries with traditional family values will be in a better position to spread these diseases now and in the future. Observe hygiene, do not jump on each other’s necks indiscriminately, postpone the party, extras … and you’re safe.

There is no need to panic today. Citizens should follow the recommended rules of conduct, and countries should take care of their citizens and take certain steps to prevent the spread of this disease. Take a good look at the map that shows how the disease is spreading . For example, Russia is located between the centers of the disease, between China, Europe and Iran,and there are fewer diseases. This means that in Russia, the state takes better care of citizens, and preventive measures are better. This is obvious without any policy. At the same time, the global economy will suffer more than $1 trillion in damage in 2020 if the coronavirus outbreak turns into a serious epidemic around the world, according to analysts at Oxford Economics . They call this disease ” short-term, but very acute shock.”This means that a lot of money will be allocated to restore the consequences. These are trade wars. Some countries will suffer more, and some will not be able to compensate themselves. Therefore, we suggest that you make your own conclusion about who benefits in the future from the situation with panic around the coronovirus.

The material was prepared by employees of the MERIDIAN Center . Data is taken from open sources.


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