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Signs of impending drought make you nervous

Officially, the 2020 drought has not been declared. Dry subsurface layer, winter without snow, lack of the necessary amount of rain in the spring and many other signs indicate a possible drought in 2020. The world is already showing signs of soil drought. According to the world’s largest database on Earth’s climate, the American National…
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Let no one get it.

With restaurants, hotels, and schools closed, many of the country’s largest farms are throwing away thousands of gallons of milk, breaking millions of eggs, and plowing acres of fresh vegetables that they can no longer sell. A terrible pandemic of food waste!  Coronavirus has made a large overproduction of products in the economies of large…
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Victory day is a Holy holiday. Memory for the future.

In these may days, all people on Earth celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism. Or almost everything. It is noted by those people who value the concepts of freedom, life, peace and those people who hate such concepts as the Holocaust and genocide. On may 2, 1945, the Berlin garrison that was…
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Who was Lenin? The scale of the individual.

April 22 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov). Who was Lenin? How to treat it? Everyone will answer these questions for themselves. I can say that a person of this scale cannot be treated unambiguously. It is indisputable that Lenin was a great politician, a great thinker and philosopher,…
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The first results of the fight against coronavirus. The world after the pandemic.

The main questions that we raise in this publication are how the coronavirus affects relations between people and States, the impact of infection on policy, and what will be the PIR after the pandemic. Before answering these questions, we want to say that we do not use information from the media and politicians ‘ statements…
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Politics is impossible without a conspiracy. Coronavirus and the global crisis.

Let’s start with statistics on the spread of coronavirus on 19.03.2020 (morning) Confirmed cases of infection – 218041 (+23390), died from the disease 8901 (+1019), recovered – 83575 (+2473). The virus is spreading all over the world. Of course, this is a dangerous disease, no one disputes this. The virus must be fought, but it…
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Volunteers against coronavirus

MERIDIAN center thanks all the volunteers who help fight the spread of a new type of coronavirus. Quarantine provokes economic problems and creates difficulties for individuals who find themselves in forced isolation. When citizens of different countries began to self- isolate EN masse, many self-organized volunteer groups appeared. Volunteers deliver medicine and food, leaving purchases at…
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New coronavirus and other deadly diseases. Statistics 14.03.2020.

Statistics on the spread of coronavirus today 14 March 2020: Number of infected : 132199 (+7395 since yesterday) Number of seriously ill : 7365 (0 since yesterday) Number of cured : 68595 (+1662 since yesterday) Number of deaths : 4946 (+358 since yesterday) The death rate from coronavirus is about 2% Marburg – 80%, Ebola…
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