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Why are we imposing sanctions? Comments on recent events.

In the comments to my notes, I am asked why I ask questions and write. Maybe I don’t know the answers? I know the answers to the questions I ask. I want each of my readers to try to answer them on their own, so that they disconnect from the opinion imposed by the media.…
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Riots in the United States. Education of the nation is the key to stability.

For three months now, the unrest in the United States has not subsided. Our MERIDIAN Foundation did not want to comment on these riots, as it protects all those in need, regardless of skin color or nationality. But today it is clear that the US authorities themselves support these riots and that they will not…
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Victory day is a Holy holiday. Memory for the future.

In these may days, all people on Earth celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism. Or almost everything. It is noted by those people who value the concepts of freedom, life, peace and those people who hate such concepts as the Holocaust and genocide. On may 2, 1945, the Berlin garrison that was…
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Who was Lenin? The scale of the individual.

April 22 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov). Who was Lenin? How to treat it? Everyone will answer these questions for themselves. I can say that a person of this scale cannot be treated unambiguously. It is indisputable that Lenin was a great politician, a great thinker and philosopher,…
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