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As noted on March 8 in different countries?

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Women’s Day March 8 was born in the United States of America. The beginning of the holiday is considered a march of women-seamstresses in New York, who organized March 8, 1857, a strike. They protested against the negligibly low pay, terrible working conditions and a 12-hour working day. Protests ended with violent clashes with police and beating of women. Two years later, the same seamstresses organized their first trade union organization, and already in 1908 that day more than 15,000 people participated in the women’s march. Their slogan was “Bread and roses!”, Which symbolized economic prosperity and the improvement of living conditions. The following year, this event was celebrated throughout the country as a holiday, and soon the celebration of the women’s day spread across the Atlantic. Despite the fact that the USA can be considered the birthplace of this holiday, it is not widely celebrated in this country. Maybe this is due to the confrontation in the Cold War, all the same the main organizers of the holiday were the socialist parties, and it was officially recognized as an international women’s holiday at the Comintern congress in1921. From this moment, the fading of the celebration of the women’s day in the USA began. Currently, it is widely celebrated in the US only by Soviet emigrants, Russian missions and feminists, as well as organizations at the UN, since in 1975, the International Women’s Year, it was decided to declare it an international women’s day, and two years later at the General Assembly The United Nations this day was proclaimed the UN Day for Women’s Rights and Peace in the World.
In the US, most people prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.
This holiday is celebrated most widely in Russia, the countries that were formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and in the countries of the former socialist camp. In these countries, men congratulate women, give them flowers and gifts. In many countries, this day is officially considered a day off.
International Women’s Day is in many ways considered a family holiday, it is celebrated all and very widely. Men give flowers to all women, regardless of age. On the streets festive events are organized. Men are already on the eve of the holiday running around in search of gifts.
Day off. It is celebrated as widely as in Russia, and this is natural since it is absolutely related peoples. All women are waiting for gifts and congratulations and men always live up to their expectations.
March 8 is an official public holiday. First of all, gifts are given to mothers and then to all other women. Widely celebrated in the family circle, congratulate all the women close. The table serves the most delicious food in great abundance. They sing songs and dance.
In Italy, March 8 is a purely feminine day. Women gather with their companies and celebrate this day without men. Celebration takes place mainly in restaurants and cafes. For women in Italy is a great way to relax from work and family, to get together on a hen party and chat with each other.
In China, the day of March 8, few people note. Basically on the eve of the holiday, running in search of flowers you can see only Russian. But they know about the holiday, the media informs about this holiday and talk about celebrations in other countries.
Very seriously preparing and then celebrating the day of March 8 in Vietnam. 2000 years the festival of the Ching sisters was celebrated, which defended their homeland with honor and showed an example of masculinity and heroism. Today this day falls on the 8th of March. Therefore, in this country we can consider that the holiday is 2000 years old. Sisters Chung are considered to be the true embodiment of the freedom-loving spirit of the Vietnamese nation. On the streets are held grandiose festivals, colorful processions, solemn rituals. The subsequent folk festivals are accompanied by an extensive cultural program – folklore music and dances, wrestling competitions, folk games. Everything is very interesting.
The island is widely celebrated this holiday. They not only give flowers to women and congratulate them, but also give this day a special meaning. Women are inextricably linked to revolutionary events and even say that revolution is a woman’s business. March 8 is the state holiday. Mass concerts and rallies on the role of women in revolutionary events will be held on the streets of the cities. The houses are decorated with festive tables.
In Japan, women have two holidays in March. The first one is Hina Matsuri, celebrated on March 3, and the second is the festival of girls and peach blossoms. And March 14 is also a women’s day and symbolizes the “White Day”.
By tradition, gifts and congratulations on this day are only those women who gave something to their beloved on Valentine’s Day.
African countries
Mark March 8 and the African continent. This holiday did not just come to many African countries, it acquired a special meaning and legends. In different countries of Africa they tell such an old legend. Once, one of the women hit God with a stick, with which she cooked a boiled root crop – cassava. The incident occurred when God turned to her with some proposal. The offended Deity left the earth, leaving people to the mercy of fate and forbidding them even to appear in their heavenly abode. The destiny of women was the red African land, and if more precisely – the scarce water on the continent.
Water and its creatures, primarily snakes, in the most ancient myths became a sign of women. On the contrary, fire and hunting for large animals have long been associated with men. According to local beliefs, the most important women’s secrets lie at the bottom of the river and are enclosed in their tears, salty, like the ocean. Since then, and all kinds of work related to water – women. On March 8, women bathe in the rivers naked continuing traditions, hoping to receive answers to the questions that concern them, from the ancestors who left the world for a long time. On this holiday, on March 8, women wear many decorations, arrange dances and have the opportunity to finally forget about their problems, such as in Uganda. In many African countries, women are surrounded by ancient myths, they have their secret organizations and men try not to interfere in women’s secrets. There were cases of reprisals against men accidentally glancing at women’s secrets. In the countries of the Congo River, a participant in ancient myths is believed to be that the second soul of a woman is in the crocodile, acting as her defender, a counselor, hidden from the eyes of the spiritual “half”. It is believed that if you kill a crocodile, then somewhere near the woman dies and part of the shamanic rituals and dances are dedicated to crocodiles and from the side are similar to their habits.
March 8 in most European countries are not widely celebrated. This is an ordinary weekday, people go to work. Nevertheless, the mass media talk about it. The most common holiday in the countries of the former socialist camp, but it fades, as many countries disown from their socialist past. Fading of a good spring holiday is bad. People are deprived of the opportunity once again to give women joy., To give them attention. In Poland, it is increasingly rare to find a man who is in a hurry with a bouquet in his hands. In Germany, the same and many other countries. Still, it should be noted that the official authorities hold events dedicated to the international women’s day, for example in France, photo exhibitions dedicated to the history of the holiday, events at the monument to Jeanne Dark and other festive events. Typically, people with higher education and politicians celebrate. In Germany, since the days of the GDR, it is customary to give flowers to colleagues at work. Sometimes march feminists.
This is a very beautiful, kind holiday and it would be fine if it was celebrated by everyone and all women on Earth had a great mood this day
It should be understood that the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8, no longer has the goal of affirming gender equality, as announced by Clara Zetkin at the beginning of the 20th century, but is considered the embodiment of spring, female beauty, tenderness, spiritual wisdom, when one can pay attention to regardless of her status and age.
In today’s emancipated world, March 8 is the date that allows a woman to remember that her destiny is not only work, career, but more family, that the indispensable attributes of femininity are not a position and position, but softness, kindness, and beauty.

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