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MERIDIAN is the centre of cultural and ethnic minorities

A non-profit charitable organization that works to build a fair social society. We are fighting for a society in which the rights of all citizens are protected, regardless of their social status and nationality.

"If people do not learn to help each other, the human race will disappear from the face of the earth."-
Walter Scott

Return of Refugees

MERIDIAN is the centre helps to create the conditions that contribute refugees returning to the places of their historical residence. Search for relatives separated by the war.


Integration of refugees

MERIDIAN is the centre of cultural and ethnic minorities helps the citizens won refugee status to adapt to new living conditions quicker. Conducting training seminars


Restore infrastructure

The MERIDIAN centre cooperates with the organizations that reconstruct war-ravaged socially significant public amenities. The rehabilitation of infrastructure, the building of orphanages


Rights of national minorities

Legal assistance to members of ethnic groups. Organization of events about experience exchange between the representatives of small nations separated by borders, seminars and national holidays.

Can be of evil and not more, than for good, but indifference outweighed their both… If nothing can get under your skin, then you died a long time ago. The indifference of one person can lead to the feeling that the whole world has turned away from you.

The MERIDIAN centre was established in 2004 and during this time it has been assisting in the implementation of many projects aimed at helping ethnic minorities, reconstruction of destroyed objects in conflict zones, has been supporting the “Médecins Sans Frontières” (“Doctors without Borders”) project. The MERIDIAN centre has been participating actively in programs supporting education and culture preservation of parted peoples and ethnic minorities, has published the magazine that helps ethnic minorities to adapt to new conditions. At the present time the MERIDIAN centre has been developing a new promising social online project focused on creation of the socially just society and support all socially active people.

Details of the Fund’s programs

These are the current priorities of the fund

«He who stops his ear from the cry of the poor, he himself will scream — and will not be heard.»
Bible. Old Testament

Assistance to ethnic minorities

— Implementation of the projects of assistance and adaptation of national and ethnic minorities in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Support environmental projects

Today for money you can buy any goods and entertainments, a new body for yourself and change your gender, but NATURE can not be bought for any money.


Support and aid to the manufacturers of products that do not use chemicals in their production. Natural products are the health of our children.

We are killing the Land that will be our cradle.

Other projects of the Foundation MERIDIAN

The earth we all share is not just a rock flying through space, but a living, caring being. She cares for us; she deserves our care in return.


Agro-ecological participation in the world natural pharmaceutics, support and assistance to beekeeping, creation of the system of veterinary and zootechnical supervision, breeding, monitoring of bee diseases.


The program of support small and medium-sized businesses in the field of production from refuse-derived recyclable materials. Elimination of accumulated environmental damage.


UN General Assembly Resolution No. 1997, Federal Target Program

«My City»

Program Promotion of the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies

It is very convenient to shift all the responsibility to others, and you try to share it.

New social project of the MERIDIAN Foundation (WEBGD)

The MERIDIAN centre is launching a new project on creation of the World Electronic Bank (E-Bank) of Good Deeds. (WEBGD)
The main objective of the project is registration and promotion of all socially active citizens involved in charity work, volunteers, activists and all the people who do good deeds in various socially significant areas, as well as organizations and corporations that provide charitable assistance.

This is a social online service for registration, recognition, propaganda and remuneration for committed Good Deeds for the society and the state.

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We have been working since 2004

A good deed is measured not by the amount of money that was donated, but by goodwill and timeliness.

Participation in environmental projects

Individual assistance was provided to those in need

Working with ethnic groups and diasporas. Number of events.

Sooner or later, we all get help from someone, so you have to help someone someday.

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